I recently have been trying my hand at designing some things. When I say designing, I mean actual graphic designing that can be used by other crafters to create beautiful things! Awhile back, I made one design that was based off of American Sign Language fingerspelling signs. It has been my number one selling graphic design since then.

I never thought I would be any good at it, since most of my artistry has been hand painted over the years. However, once I got my cutting machines, I have realized that the possibilities are endless when it comes to the DIY and craft world! Here are few of the designs that I came up with tonight, that I will have listed in my Etsy store.


I am pretty excited about this new venture in my life and I know that I have a TON to learn! I have been debating this idea for a while now and finally realized that there isn’t really anything stopping me except my own fear of failure or that people won’t want my designs. However, I won’t know until I try!

Here’s to trying new things!