Recently, I tried out a new product that I really enjoyed working with. It can be extremely finicky, however, the end result is super stellar. It is called “Metal Effects Patina” by Modern Masters.

I found the product at Hobby Lobby for $19.99 and I used a 40 percent off coupon. The idea is that you use a special copper paint with real copper particles in it, along with an oxidizing agent/solution. The patina aging solution causes the copper particles in the paint to “rapidly age” and it gives it a nice aged, blue/green metal finish.

15977036_10208131808434060_2531663588722801843_n                                                                                                I tackled a pretty large project for it being my first time using the product. My mother was recently diagnosed with cancer and I wanted to make her something to remind her that she is not alone and that she is strong. I chose this mermaid sign and designed it for her. I created a one time use stencil using my vinyl cutting machine. My stencil only covered the black parts that you see in the design, so I had to hand paint all of the other  colors. It took me over a week to finish this project.

Back to the Metal Effects…

So the background that you see on this wooden sign was done using the metal effects. I sanded my board down using 5 different grits of sand paper. I used 50, 80, 100, 120, and then finished with 220. I always sand from the lowest grit number to the highest because the higher the grit number, the smoother it will be. The smoother your wood is, the better the seal that you should be able to get for your adhesive stencil which means less paint bleeding. After sanding, I applied a coat of special primer that comes with your metal effects kit. I let that dry over night. I came back the next day and applied another coat of primer. I let that dry as well. The next day I did a coat of the copper paint and allowed that to dry. Once I felt that was dry enough, I did my second coat of copper paint, but with this coat, you are supposed to spray that patina aging solution on your wet copper paint. Which is exactly what I did! Afterward, I sat for 40 minutes and watched as my piece transformed right before my eyes! It changed from the copper color to the bright turquoise/mint green that you see in the photo.

While making this background, I decided to make a time lapse video so that you could see this product work its magic!  You can check that out.

I will say, I highly recommend that you get the special sealer that will stop the aging solution from reacting. Otherwise, the reactor will continue eating through your paints. The special sealer is called “Permacoat Extreme” and is sold separately. Be sure to seal before applying your stencil, or else your stencil might pull up the patina finish.  I also recommend wearing a respirator or mask of some sort, and be sure to work in a well ventilated area, because the chemicals used in this product is TOXIC when inhaled and does contain small metal particles.

I hope you enjoyed this review and found out a lot of great information about this one of a kind product!

**I am not affiliated with or sponsored in any way by Modern Masters. I just wanted to share my honest review of their product.**