Gone Fishin’ With This Adorable Wooden Stand (Also used for Lemonade, Fireworks, Etc.)

Lately, I have been dabbling in the wonderful world of photography.

Luckily my husband is very skilled in wood working, and with his skills, and my artistic flair for life, we have been able to create some adorable props for my photo shoots. Our most recent hit was this adorable wooden stand that can be used for any number of themes!


Our first theme was for our “Gone Fishin'” Father’s Day Mini Sessions. We created our very own Bait Stand for our little clients to use. We added the words “Bait Shop” with Oracal 631 Vinyl that we cut with our US Cutter vinyl cutter, and then added netting,   bobbers, some cute signage, and our own cane poles for the kiddos to hold.


We plan on using this for many sessions to come! We have a fireworks and popsicle stand planned for the Fourth of July, a Lemonade Stand, a watermelon stand, a pumpkin stand, a candy cane stand, a kissing booth…. the list goes on and on!

Here is a collage of some of the adorable photos that we captured with the stand and all of our props!



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