Hey friends and fellow crafters! I am sorry that it has been a minute since my last post! A lot has happened in the last week. My momma was diagnosed with breast cancer in January and she had her surgery scheduled for April, but they got an earlier opening and rescheduled it for this past Tuesday. Not only was I preoccupied with that, but we had a horrible windstorm that knocked out power all over the entire South-Eastern part of the state of Michigan. I am taking refuge at my parents house for the time being, with no idea when my electricity will be turned back on!

I have been making lemonade out of the lemons of life, however, because while at the hospital waiting for my mom’s 14 hour surgery to be finished, I created some new designs and added them to my shop! You can check out those HERE. I have to get back to work designing and taking care of the kiddos. But while you are checking out my designs, be sure to check out MICHAELS MAKE-A-THON. They have AMAZING DEALS on SOOOOOO many items!

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