Holy Mockups, Batman! 

By Jessica Ansley of Artbucket Creations

So there is this great debate on whether crafters or artists should use mockups. I personally don’t see a problem with them as they can be extremely useful. I guess I should start by explaining what a mockup is. 

A mockup is a working example or sample of a design, idea, model, structure, etc. It is a way for designers, artists, and crafters to be able to share an idea with a customer BEFORE spending the time and effort making it so that they can get a feel for what the end result MIGHT be. 

I find mockups very useful in my painting party business. I am able to share basic designs with my audience that they can later create themselves. I also find them useful as a graphic designer, because I can give an example of what a consumer and fellow crafters can do with my designs! 

Fairly recently, I created a few mockup bundles for my fellow crafters to use. I put a lot of time and effort into them to ensure they are quality mockups that are worth sharing with their customers. I’m quite proud of them and I even use them for my own things!

Now, mockups, if you don’t make your own, can be very pricy sometimes. I know how difficult it can be as a newbie crafter or even as a seasoned and professional artisan, so I made sure to price my mockups accordingly and affordably. Just know that some graphic designers charge upwards of $10 per photo! My biggest bundle is my wood sign mockup bundle and it contains 35 different mockups with different sizes, shapes, and stains of wood signs. They were originally priced at $30 but they are on sale for $21 right now! 

I also made a doormat mockup bundle with 8 different photos for sharing your custom door mats with your customers! Those are also on sale right now! 

Do you make your own mockups? Or would you prefer to leave the work to someone else? Leave me a comment below and tell me which you prefer!! 

Until next time-



  1. I just bought your 8 mat mock up and am not happy as I was under the impression that it was in Photoshop format that would allow me to change out your mats with my own. Isn’t that what a mock-up is? I mean these are just photos!!


    • I apologize that you are unhappy, however, If you read the description on my design store, it does state that it comes in PNG and JPEG formats. Which are both usable in photoshop. You can open up the png format and then put your design onto the photo and flatten the image to save it as a new image to share with your customers. I have a video of how to use them in one program on YouTube. I will grab the link.


    • They were created for beginners that don’t own photoshop. But as I stated above, you should be able to open the simple formats and then put your designs onto the photo. That is what a mock up is. It is a photo of a blank object that you want to sell, that you can put your design on.


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